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Student Competition Terms and Conditions

1. The entrant, individual or team, agrees to abide by the rules of the competition as determined by the Organizer. The organizing committee of the competition reserves the right to reject a proposal if it does not comply with the Submission Requirements.
2. This Competition is open to all students and young professionals of areas related to Architecture. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. Work by individuals or teams are accepted, to a limit of four people per team.
3. The intellectual property rights shall remain the property of the entrant, any disputes that might arise are of their sole responsibility.
4. By submitting an entry, the individual or team associated with the work authorizes the competition organizer to use the work in future promotional activities, with due credits to the authorship.
5. A Jury, whose deliberation is final and irrevocable, will decide this competition in an open, anonymous process in a single stage.
6. The Competition Organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition in the cases when fewer than 5 projects have been submitted or all submitted projects fail to comply with the announced terms and conditions. Upon cancellation of the competition all participants shall be notified within 3 days from the decision to cancel.
7. For this competition are not eligible all people or businesses who have been involved in its organization. This includes all representatives or employees of the Competition Organizer; jury members or any person with a close relation to the jury members; any other individual that might influence directly the deliberation of the jury members.
8. The payment of the monetary prizes will be made up to 30 days after Public Announcement.
9. The present program governs the Competition; all issues that are not clearly stated will be taken up to the Jury Committee that will be empowered to decide.

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