Corporate Member

  • Affiliation with WIRE
  • Company Representation
  • Corporate discounts on WIRE events.

Graduate/Professional Member

  • Networking:

    Networking with like minded Women and tapping into a database of movers and shakers in the building industry both in private and public sector, which forms a great support system. You join a network of motivated, professional and high-achieving built environment professionals who understand that you’re never too experienced to learn something new or too successful to provide sound advice to your peers.

  • Access to our WIREd e-newsletter:

    This includes profiles of influential women in built environment, as well as the latest practical tips on how to grow your business as well as issues affecting the built environment. Opportunities in built environment firms and companies are also updated here.

  • Capacity Building/ Performance Management:

    WIRE seeks to build capacity of members in business and career development through linkages/networking, business opportunity information, etc., and training. WIRE will conduct courses to deepen skill sets of members even more. The training experience and affiliation provides further networking opportunities and will enhance personal and professional growth of members.

  • Celebrating/Promoting/ Highlighting Network Members/Companies:

    WIRE will have a member expertise profile (offering promotion of members). Each member will receive a free Member Expertise Profile with a picture in the Referral Center to capture industry involvement and leadership, as well as professional specializations, experience, education. These will have direct links to social media profiles. This is a free form of personal promotion that will be used to determine a member’s area of expertise for referrals, speaking and interview opportunities, organization/government appointments and more.

    Successes of members in the industry will be highlighted (through testimonials and life stories at events by speakers, social media platforms, e-newsletter) highlighting industry issues and women’s positive involvement in Kenya & around the world.

Student Member

  • Mentorship Programs:

    Our mentors’ vision is to Engage, Envision, Empower and Expand. Improve parity and diversity in a male dominated industry, Increase leadership and career development skills; Build a talent pipeline for future female professionals in the built environment.

  • Internship Placements:

    We offer opportunities in real estate companies to give you a real insight into commercial environments and help you to develop essential skills to enhance your employability

  • Pathway to Leadership development and training

    Opportunities exist to volunteer and develop leadership skills at all levels of the organization, enhancing your professional reputation and further honing skills that make involvement an integral part of developing personal and professional leadership.

  • Access to our e-connect newsletter

    Our monthly newsletter includes profiles of the most influential women in real estate, as well as the latest practical tips and techniques on growing your business. Opportunities in real estate businesses are also updated here

These are funds collected from annual subscriptions

  1. Running events and programmes that align with our objectives/benefits above
  2. Running our mentorship programs e.g. the ‘Hidden Figures’ movie screening we had on 17th February 2017.
  3. Running the WIRE Secretariat (Paying salaries, rent, utility bills etc)
  4. In general fulfilling the objectives of WIRE as highlighted below:
  1. To equip and build business capacity of female professionals and business owners in the building industry;
  2. To train, promote and highlight its members and as a whole, women in real estate;
  3. To mentor young professionals in the industry through a well-developed business mentor-protégé programme;
  4. To facilitate the networking of women in real estate on a national, regional and international platform;
  5. To liaise with the Government and regulatory agencies on matters affecting female professionals engaged in the built environment;
  6. To facilitate research for advancement of female professionals in the built environment;
  7. To publish documents and publications for the benefit of members and the general public matters pertaining to the real estate.
  1. Corporate members. These are established institutions in the built environment.
  2. Professional members. Qualified professionals in the industry with more than three years’ experience /and or registered with respective Boards of Registration.
  3. Graduate members. These are duly qualified individuals with less than three years practice experience in the built environment.
  4. Student Members. These are individuals who are still in college pursuing courses related to the built environment.
  1. WIRE is registered under the Registrar of Societies. Registration No.49131

    It is run by a board consisting of six strong and successful women.

    1. Robyn Emerson – President
    2. Emma Miloyo Naicca– Vice President
    3. Jennifer Musyimi – WIRE Registrar
    4. Diana Musyoka – WIRE treasurer
    5. Violette Riungu -Muchiri – Secretary