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WIRE invites all built environment students and graduates to participate in the PCEA Chogoria Hospital facelift

About Competition

A positive birth experience

Ask any willing mother and they will tell you the exciting journey of bringing a new life into this world. However if the environment isn’t comfortable to a new mum or a mum to-be then the journey ceases to be exciting but rather of trauma, anxiety, fear and stress.

Hospitals more often termed as healing spaces are evolving to have in mind the users and their needs. In this case, designing of maternity hospitals is being rethought; how do you design to create comfort for expectant mothers and newborn babies.

The current situation in PCEA Chogoria can be described as facility overwhelmed due to insufficient provision of space and outdated hospital design. Having been designed in 1922, the facility misses out in enjoying proper hospital design emerged over the years due to changing trends and situations particularly in relation to child delivery. Tightly squeezed delivery rooms, limited privacy, run down wet cores are some of the challenges the facility faces.


This is a design competition with the aim of identifying the best proposal for PCEA CHOGORIA maternity wing. The competition is open to all students and graduate members who have a background any built environment profession therefore encouraging entries from teams with members from different professionals.
WIRE in partnership with PCEA Chogoria invites you to propose innovative and practical solutions to tackle the challenges presented. The winning design will demonstrate a high degree of expression and creativity in fulfilling the design requirements.



PCEA Chogoria Mission hospital is a referral hospital in the region of Tharaka Nithi currently serving patients from as far as Isiolo, Nanyuki, Maua, Kirinyaga and beyond. It currently holds a bed capacity of 295 beds.
Apart from provision of health services, it acts as a training centre for medical and clinical officers.

About Site

The site location is the existing PCEA Chogoria Hospital as shown on the Google Map.


Launch of Competition: 10th July 2019
Site Visit: 2nd August 2019
Deadline for Submission: 30th August 2019
Announcement of Awards: 6th September 2019

Submission Requirements

1. Registration and Project Submission will be handled completely through the WIRE website and email.
2. All elements related to the competition should be submitted in digital format.
3. The language of the competition is English. All relevant text should be written in this language.
4. The entrant individual or team should choose a TEAM NAME for which to be identified. This NAME will be mentioned in all the file names submitted in the process.
5. The process is composed of three elements:

i) JPEG file – A1 size (150dpi) : This is a Layout Board in horizontal format with all the information that the contestant sees fit to adequately communicate their proposal: plans, sections, 3d visualizations, diagrams or descriptions. The image must be tagged in the upper right corner with the Registration Code, in a way that is clear and readable to the judging committee. Apart from the entrant number and project name, no other form of identification is permitted.
ii) 1 Booklet A4 (max. 10 pages)
This document is intended to add more detail and depth to the solution. In this booklet should be present all the information that the contestant sees fit to adequately communicate their proposal, textual and graphically.
Horizontal format preferable for readability.

6. Entry Form – Filled out with the Team Information. This element will not reach the Jury; it will be used to match the entries with the results of the Jury’s final deliberation.
7. These elements should have a combined total of 20Mb size limit and sent to the email
info@wire.or.ke with the subject “Project Submission”.
8. Entries that are received after 23:59 of the due date shall not be accepted.
9. After submission and verification of all the files, the contestant will receive a confirmation email.
10. By submitting a proposal, the contestants approve of the terms and conditions of this competition.

Registration & Submission

Registration and Project Submission via email: info@wire.or.ke

For Enquiries Call: 0796 548144, 020 2002959


A wide range of knowledge in hospital design will be taken into account in order to present a group of professionals with authority in evaluating the subjects and underlying problematic of the proposed competition. The Jury is composed by a local group of built environment professionals, whose experience and professional path proves their profound knowledge and ability in Architectural Design and any other built environment fields.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Apart from the personal evaluation criteria of each member of the jury, some other factors of qualification will be as follows:
▪ Innovation and relevance of the proposal
▪ Aesthetic quality of the overall project
▪ Clarity and comprehensibility of the design.
▪ Functionality, interpretation and application of the proposed program
▪ Technical quality of the project and feasibility in its construction

2. The jury’s decision shall be final and irrevocable.
*Any contact with any members of the jury is discouraged. All authors of projects that are proven to have tried to influence the decision of any member of the jury will be rightfully disqualified

Read Terms and Conditions Here

1. The entrant, individual or team, agrees to abide by the rules of the competition as determined by the Organizer. The organizing committee of the competition reserves the right to reject a proposal if it does not comply with the Submission Requirements.
2. This Competition is open to all students and young professionals of areas related to Architecture. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. Work by individuals or teams are accepted, to a limit of four people per team.
3. The intellectual property rights shall remain the property of the entrant, any disputes that might arise are of their sole responsibility.
4. By submitting an entry, the individual or team associated with the work authorizes the competition organizer to use the work in future promotional activities, with due credits to the authorship.
5. A Jury, whose deliberation is final and irrevocable, will decide this competition in an open, anonymous process in a single stage.
6. The Competition Organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition in the cases when fewer than 5 projects have been submitted or all submitted projects fail to comply with the announced terms and conditions. Upon cancellation of the competition all participants shall be notified within 3 days from the decision to cancel.
7. For this competition are not eligible all people or businesses who have been involved in its organization. This includes all representatives or employees of the Competition Organizer; jury members or any person with a close relation to the jury members; any other individual that might influence directly the deliberation of the jury members.
8. The payment of the monetary prizes will be made up to 30 days after Public Announcement.
9. The present program governs the Competition; all issues that are not clearly stated will be taken up to the Jury Committee that will be empowered to decide.

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